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Able Transition Consulting, LLC began out of a need that founder Kenzie Clark saw as she worked with students and families in the public school system. Able Transition Consulting works with families to support them in preparing for the transition process and beyond. The process of entering adulthood can be overwhelming, and Able Transition provides comprehensive services for individuals and families in order to ensure a successful adulthood. Able Transition is dedicated to creating holistic, person-centered short-term and long-term plans built on the individual's dreams, strengths, & abilities. We also seek to be a bridge between families and/or individuals and resources, knowledge, and services. 


Able Transition is committed to identifying and challenging ableist systems and promoting the importance of allyship. We advocate for a more accessible world that recognizes and respects individuals' identities, language preferences, and neurodiversity. We are committed to creating affirming and accessible spaces. Our goal is to create inclusive environments and foster inclusivity. We approach our work from an anti-ableist, antiracist, LGBTQ+ affirming, and socially justice-driven perspective. We are committed to constant learning and growth in these areas and spaces.


We believe in competitive and integrated employment and seek to provide premiere business education and consultations to business owners, managers, and employees. We also value the other opportunities and programs available for individuals who cannot hold a traditional job. The goal of Able Transition is to see a more inclusive and flourishing community.

Company Values:


➢ Dignity

➢ Generosity

➢ Collaboration 

➢ Justice & Equity

➢ Celebration





“We cannot recommend Kenzie at Able Transitions enough! We were feeling quite overwhelmed with how to best help our autistic son transition to adulthood. Kenzie was very thorough and broke down all aspects of the process into manageable tasks, all the while making sure our son was the driving force behind any decisions. We are no longer scared about his future - instead, we are excited about what lies ahead for him! In addition to her wonderful skills as a transition advisor, she is a wealth of information about opportunities in the triangle for people with disabilities. She helped us find a driver education teacher, a volunteer opportunity at a Raleigh restaurant, post-high school education opportunities, social and professional skill training, a wonderful counselor, and the list goes on. We cannot imagine where we would be today without Kenzie’s expertise, guidance, and friendship.”

-Tracy and David Whittington


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