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Kenzie Clark is the Founder and Manager of Able Transition Consulting. As a former Special Education Teacher, Kenzie saw the need for transition services and sought out a Master’s Degree in Secondary Special Education and Transition through the University of Kansas. Her passion is the transition process and preparing individuals and families for high-quality lives. Kenzie's master's degree provides her with expertise and knowledge regarding transition.


While Kenzie attended undergraduate school at Appalachian State University, she studied special education and worked with the inclusive post-secondary education program Scholars with Diverse Abilities (SDAP). This program sparked her interest in transition and the importance of preparing individuals and their families for adulthood.


After teaching in the public school system, Kenzie felt called to open the doors of Able Transition Consulting, LLC to collaborate with and serve families. Able Transition Consulting is happy to support families to ensure successful post-school outcomes and peace of mind. She knows clients can access high-quality and happy adult lives through building unique and comprehensive person-centered long and short-term planning! 

Kenzie is committed to identifying and challenging ableist systems and promoting the importance of allyship. She works to honor and respect individuals' identities, language preferences, and neurodiversity. Her goal is to create inclusive environments and foster inclusivity. She approaches her work from an anti-ableist, antiracist, LGBTQ+ affirming, and socially justice-driven perspective.

In her free time she enjoys spending time with her husband and their dog, teaching yoga, gardening, reading a book, hiking, being with family and friends, as well as playing music. Kenzie lives her life with a neurological disorder and is always learning how to care well for herself.



Bachelor of Science in Special Education, Adapted Curriculum

Masters of Science in Secondary Special Education and Transition

Autism Certification, Neurodiversity Affirming

PEERS Certified Trainer with a neurodiversity-affirming lens

Certified Yoga & Breathwork Teacher



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