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Welcome to
the Dating as You Are Series
We are so excited! 

Dating As You are leads to feeling confident and affirmed as you seek romantic relationships. This series is for autistic adults and/or those with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

A 7-Week Series

Starting April 11

Every other Thursday from 5:00-7:00 pm


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Erica Smith (she/her)

Erica is a trauma therapist and private practice owner serving children through adults, with a focus on consent-driven care. Erica has a focus on serving those from historically marginalized backgrounds, who are focused on developing the life they want for themselves. Erica is also a dog mom, coffee enthusiast, baker, professional nap taker, and someone who lives with chronic illness.


Kenzie Clark (she/her)

Kenzie is a transition specialist and educator. Kenzie serves clients at Able Transition through transition planning, skill development, and more in a personalized, affirming manner, focused on the client's dreams and goals—Able Transition partners with their clients for long-term wellness and holistic care. Kenzie is also a wife, a dog mom, a gardener, a hiker, a yoga teacher, and is someone who lives with a neurological disorder. 

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This is for you if...

1. You are interested in dating but want to feel more confident.

2. You want to learn more about how to ask someone on a date and how to plan a date.

3. You want to date but are concerned about your safety.

4. You want to date but don't know where to start.

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