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Able Transition Pathways Portal!!

We are incredibly excited to announce our online portal! Each client that we work with receives the Able Transition Resource Guide, which is a comprehensive guide that touches on all things transition. We are constantly updating, adding and ensuring that the guide reflects current policy and practice. Our goal is to provide a pathway forward and peace of mind through this guide. After much consideration and polling, we have decided to launch a digital version of the Resource Guide. The online guide will be called Pathways Portal. Launching in February, the portal will be accessible as a monthly subscription to anyone who wants to subscribe. The portal will have exclusive blog posts and podcasts as well as the full digital guide. The subscription will be $12.99 a month or available at $145 per year, providing a $10 discount. Able Transition Pathways Portal will have information and resources on everything relating to transition. The portal will have information on Social Security income, Works-Based Learning, Transition IEPs, Employment Information and so much more. The portal is meant to give peace of mind to everyone who access it, as it will give you everything you need to know! The portal will ensure that you have all of the necessary information for your child's future to dissipate fears and anxiety. We hope that the portal will be a place you can come back to monthly to access new information, learn and grow. We will also offer special package discounts to a limited number of portal members if you want to begin working with Able Transition.

In addition to all of this, you will have access to all of our community partners and who we recommend families work with whether they are agencies, attorneys, financial planners, etc. I hope that you will subscribe to this exciting new portal and that it will enhance your life by providing you with vital information. We cannot wait to launch this special project!

Thank you all for your support and excitement. Able Transition is dedicated to building a path forward for individuals to access a high quality life that they love!


Kenzie Clark

Able Transition Founder and Owner

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