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Successful Businesses Hire People with Disabilities

Updated: Feb 1, 2020

When businesses hire persons with disabilities there are incredible benefits that research has been able to back up with data. Did you know that when businesses hire persons with disabilities they recorded making 28% more revenue than businesses that do not hire persons with disabilities?

It is always a challenge to hire the right person for a specific position. When I speak with business owners and managers about hiring practices, it is important to communicate that hiring a person with a disability is no different than hiring a person without a disability. It has to be the right person for the job. Their skills, background, education and experiences must align with the job. When all of these pieces come together you have a wonderful harmony within your business.

Research has shown that when businesses hire persons with disabilities, the business will see higher revenue, longer employee retention, and positive community perspectives regarding the business itself. Businesses saw improvements in their profitability as well as an increase in customer loyalty. The hard facts are astounding and frankly, are contrary to what many may think, as this is reflected in hiring practices that are prevalent today. There are many statistics available about persons with disabilities and work. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

"In 2018, the employment-population ratio—the proportion of the population that is employed— was 19.1 percent among those with a disability," this means that 80% of the population of adult with disabilities are unemployed. There is a vast talent pool of incredible people who could support and add incredible value to countless businesses. The question really is, will small businesses and communities champion this cause and begin to have more inclusive hiring practices.

Able Transition seeks to inform and engage businesses across the Triangle to help educate on competitive and integrated employment. We offer businesses informational sessions on inclusive business practices, competitive and integrated employment, staff trainings, materials and more for those who are seeking to become more inclusive. It would be our honor to work with your business. We cannot wait to hear from you.

All the best,

Kenzie Clark

Founder and Owner

Able Transition Consulting, LLC


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