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Transition Planning in a Pandemic

There are so many voices we are all hearing during this time. It is overwhelming and can make each of us go into overdrive. Having a plan for our daily routines is essential in supporting our daily well being. Planning how we will care for our family in the future is something many of us are thinking about during this time.

As we reflect on our work here at Able Transition, we have been reminded of the importance of the transition planning we do every day. Many families are not certain of what we do as there are few transition specialists in North Carolina. Our founder, Kenzie Clark has a Masters in Transition. With her expertise and passion our company has grown to supporting clients throughout the state. Transition planning must be done by professionals who can guide families through all of the transition doors.

What exactly does transition planning involve?

Person-Centered Planning

Financial Planning

Legal Planning

Works-Based Learning

The Transition IEP


Housing & Transportation and so much more...

With so many pieces to this puzzle, Able Transition helps clients create one comprehensive person-centered plan. We offer this through specific transition planning, job support services, Occupational Therapy services, vocational support and other services. We provide referrals to trusted advisors, resources, agencies and support groups. At Able Transition Consulting we are bridge builders and will ensure that you have everything you need for the future. We hope to be able to support you soon.

With hope,

The Able Transition Team

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