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What Will Happen When...?

A large reason why I decided to open Able Transition Consulting, was a result of a question I was being asked by many families. The family was involved with the Special Education system, their child was accessing a quality education, they had some community connections, but as they thought about the future, they always asked what will happen when _____? Many of what was asked to me were the following questions; what will happen when they leave high school, what will happen to my child when I am no longer here, what will happen if they cannot find a job, etc. For many families, they did not have information about transition readily available. No one was giving these families vital information to prepare for their future. It wasn't anyones fault, rather it was simply that no one was providing them this information. It was very apparent to me that something was missing in the process of preparing individuals with disabilities and their families for the future, and that was transition consultation services.

This gap and need was stark and I was determined to fill this need to ensure that more individuals with disabilities would be well-equipped and prepared for a high-quality adulthood. Through think-tanks and speaking with many families and individuals, I developed a system of consultative services that ensure these families and individuals received what they needed, which includes quality individualized services for every client. Each client gets a rich and necessary resource guide, a person-centered plan, consultative meetings with a team member, a list of trusted advisors and community connections. We hope that as more families access our services the essential nature of this work will speak for itself.

The goal of Able Transition is to provide a path forward for individuals and families and to help them have answers to the question, what will happen when _____? It is an honor and joy to do this work and I am looking forward to the growth that will happen in the new year!

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

All the best,

Kenzie Clark

Founder and Owner of Able Transition Consulting, LLC

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