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Welcome to

the Summer Series 

We are so excited! 


We are so ready to work on essential skills that predict higher life outcomes!

The Current Problem:

  • The pandemic put off in-person training and support

  • General lack of functional transition training and skill development in high school

  • Limited time! You are a busy and engaged caregiver with a finite amount of time.


The Solution:

  • A trained transition specialist leading your loved one in teaching transition skills

Our Summer Series focused on Transition Skills! This series supports and educates teens and adults with disabilities on gaining critical transition skills for long-term success.


This will be held at our downtown Raleigh, NC office.


The What

The summer series is a six-session series where we work with participants to teach and work on essential transition skills based on predicting factors for high-quality adulthood. 


The Content

Employment Skills: resume development, interview skills, social skills in the workplace & self-advocacy at work

Safety & Technology Skills: social media, computer safety, and phone safety

Healthcare Skills: basic first aid, scheduling appointments, understanding health insurance, & filling out medical forms

Home Independence: kitchen safety, hygiene skills, and dressing

Managing Your Life: Schedules, organization, money knowledge, and budgeting


The Who

This series is for individuals 17-50 with a disability.


Each participant needs to be able to communicate their learning and thoughts, whether using expressive verbal language, written expression, or through an AT device; participants need to independently participate with the content and engage with fellow cohort members. The content will be written and visual, using both pictures and symbols.


The Benefits

Participants can complete job applications and feel confident in a job interview.

Participants have an awareness of online and in-person safety skills

Participants learn how to schedule a doctor's appointment and complete medical forms.

Participants gain kitchen safety skills.

Participants learn how to manage a schedule, use a calendar, or find out what helps them stay organized.


Seats are minimal, so make sure you register today!


Where & When:

Downtown Raleigh

Cohort 1: 8:30-9:45 am; 6/16, 6/30, 7/14, 7/28, 8/11, 8/25

Cohort 2: 5:30-6:45 pm; 6/19, 7/3, 7/17, 7/31, 8/14, 8/28


Ready to reserve a spot for your teen or adult? Register now!

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